You can contact us by clicking on the "Submit a Request" page on the left side of your screen after logging in to the portal.  On the Submit a Request page, you can choose to submit a service request, architectural change form, billing question, or other general inquiry.


Login Assistance

If This Website Is Not Recognizing Your Password:

Please click the "I forgot My Login/Password" link to generate a new password. Please allow up to 15 minutes for the email with the new password to reach your inbox. If the new password you receive does not work, it is almost always due to a typo in which similar looking characters are mistaken for each other (e.g., lowercase l and capital I, or letter O and number 0).

If You Are Registering for the First Time:

Please proceed to the Registration page. Then, fill out the fields that include Email, Name, Phone, Account, Password, Confirm Password, and Registration Key.

If you do not have a Registration Key or Account Number: 

Click the "I don't have a portal key or account number" hyperlink on the Registration page. On the ensuing Sign Up page, you will fill out the remaining fields, submit your Sign Up request, and a member of our team will review your request and reply back within 2 business days.



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Community Management Inc.

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503-233-0300 (Please call this number to report maintenance emergencies after hours).